SmithMED is a small family company founded in 1992 and based on and exploiting many years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and allied markets.

The Norwegian market is transparent and concentrated in central Norway and there are few hospitals, but they are spread throughout the country.  

We efficiently cover the whole of Norway and invest our energy and creativity into professional marketing  to be able to present our customers with the best possible solutions to diagnostic and medical problems. 

At the same time we are involved internationally with the development of new technology and we present its major health benefits to interested countries.

Versatile, flexible, creative, efficient. 


Although small, we believe we are here to make a difference and that this involves us seeking and finding solutions to health issues.

Our mission is to use scientific knowledge and provide practical solutions that benefit and improve people’s health and quality of life.

We collaborate with global providers and bring the benefits of medical science to users and patients. 

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Our main current focus is on microbiology:
Antibiotic resistance is projected to become the main cause of death by 2050

Removing the causal virus can prevent cervix cancer 


We present innovative CHROMagar products for the detection of antibiotic resistant bacteria (MRSA, ESBL, VRE, mSuperCARBA etc.) and other microbes such as STEC, Strep.B, Candida, etc.) and we now have the technology to remove microbes from targeted sites and prevent or treat infections. (Photodynamic Therapy or PDT)


Pre-operative removal of nasal bacterial reservoir using PDT + chlorhexidine whole body wash reduces subsequent wound infections reduces SSI by as much as 70%


Also reduces use of antibiotics, in-patient stay, readmissions, increases hospital bed capacity, and provides huge savings for the hospital.


PDT provides effective removal of pathogenic microbes including MRSA. It is effective, immediate, patient-friendly, selective, allows flexible regimes and is not dependent on compliance.

HR-HPV infections can in some patients progress over time to precancer and cancer. PDT offers EARLY, patient-friendly, effective removal of HR-HPV from accessible anatomical sites with benefits for patient and doctor

1.  It is normal medical practice to detect the infecting organism and treat


2.  STDs should be treated to avoid transmission to others 

3.  Early treatment of HR-HPV prevents progression to cervical cancer

4. Treating HR-HPV complies with and simplifies primary HPV testing

5. Use of objective HR-HPV tests reduces the number of false negative and false

    positive  results and treatment is assessed objectively 




We provide products from BioDiagnostics for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

Also detection of IgG and IgA in milk of cows, sheep, etc. using RID plates from Kent labs.


Patch testing for skin allergy with products from

Chemotechnique, Sweden



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